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The Sin of Indifference

Love and hate. Love is an intense feeling of deep affection while hate is an intense feeling of dislike. They are polar opposites, yet we find both terms discussed throughout the Bible. When we read Scripture, we often read about God’s love. John 3:16 is, arguably, the most popular verse in all of Scripture to… Continue reading The Sin of Indifference

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Old Habits Meet Humility

I haven’t written lately because honestly, I’ve had a massive case of writer’s block. This has been very discouraging, A few weeks ago, I had so many thoughts and ideas, there weren’t enough hours in the day to write them all! I could hardly get things typed fast enough. However, God slowed me down, and… Continue reading Old Habits Meet Humility

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Praise Prayer

I have given myself a new challenge this week…  Praise Prayer.  A designated time of day where I pray for the sole purpose of honoring and worshiping God.  No requests from me.  Just a simple prayer of praise. I wrote about 3D prayers over a three-part installment a month or so ago (read it here,… Continue reading Praise Prayer

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New Year, New Changes

We are days away from ushering in 2017 and already, I see Facebook covered in posts about making changes in the new year.  Roughly half our country will make a New Year’s Resolution.  While about half of those resolutions will center around weight loss and fitness, many people seek to make personal changes and embrace self-improvement. I… Continue reading New Year, New Changes

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Today Is My Birthday

Throughout my childhood, and even in my 20s, I really didn’t like my birthday.  Everyone else had a special, designated day that their families and friends celebrated THEM, but I celebrate my birthday on the biggest international holiday of the year.  My birthday presents were often wrapped in Christmas paper…  And like every other Christmas-born… Continue reading Today Is My Birthday

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Worry Is Insulting to God

On Sunday, my husband and I watched a sermon by Dr. Charles Stanley on the temptation of Jesus.  This was a great message that really convicted my heart several times. One of the things the sermon challenged me to do was to specifically pray that the Holy Spirit reveal areas of my life where I… Continue reading Worry Is Insulting to God