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6.28.17 Prayer Prompt: Share Jesus

PRAYER PROMPT ••• There are 7.5 billion people in the world.  And only 2.2 billion are professed Christians.  That’s about 70% of the world who are living without Jesus.  I know, I know… not all of us are called to be preachers.  I’m definitely not!  I’m not a leader or a speaker.  But nonetheless, we… Continue reading 6.28.17 Prayer Prompt: Share Jesus

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6.27.17 Prayer Prompt: Reap What You Sow

PRAYER PROMPT ••• “You reap what you sow.”  Both Christians and secularists have been quoting this for generations.  Obviously, it’s a farming reference… if you plant tomatoes, you’ll harvest tomatoes.  We all know it’s a mental reference too… if you fill your head with negativity, you will be a negative person.  And so on and… Continue reading 6.27.17 Prayer Prompt: Reap What You Sow

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6.26.17 Prayer Prompt: Sempervivum 

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Several years ago, I did some work for a couple of women who named their business Sempervivum.  They explained to me that the name meant “always living” and it was one of those things that stuck with me.  Sempervivum are succulent plants and are noted for their heartiness and ability to retain… Continue reading 6.26.17 Prayer Prompt: Sempervivum 

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6.25.17 Prayer Prompt: History and the Future 

PRAYER PROMPT ••• The quote on today’s graphic is both true and poignant.  We’ve all seen pictures of historical, ancient ruins; cities buried under centuries worth of dust and debris.  Do you think the citizens of those once-great cities imagined their homes laying in waste and ruin?  I’m taking a wild guess that they didn’t. … Continue reading 6.25.17 Prayer Prompt: History and the Future 

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6.24.17 Prayer Prompt: Do Not Conform, But Trust and Pray

THIS PRAYER PROMPT CONTINUES IN THE COMMENTS! PRAYER PROMPT ••• Isaiah 8:11 says, “For the Lord spoke thus to me with his strong hand upon me, and warned me not to walk in the way of this people…” The chapter goes on to talk about trusting in God, rather than following the world’s lead. As… Continue reading 6.24.17 Prayer Prompt: Do Not Conform, But Trust and Pray

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6.23.17 Prayer Prompt: Butterflies & Change

PRAYER PROMPT ••• I am terrified of butterflies.  Anyone who knows me personally, who is reading, may wonder, “Who is this and what have they done to Denise? She would never intentionally pick a butterfly picture to illustrate her Prayer Prompt!”  But it is me and yes, I chose it for a reason, though it… Continue reading 6.23.17 Prayer Prompt: Butterflies & Change

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6.22.17 Prayer Prompt: Remember to Whom You Belong

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Some days, you just need to stop and remember to whom you belong.  The chaos of the world coupled with busy agendas and a never ending to-do list are one thing.  Most of us have adjusted to the mad, frantic pace our society expects of us.  But it’s another when you feel… Continue reading 6.22.17 Prayer Prompt: Remember to Whom You Belong